Two tower church 12H


Artist Victor Chavez, shows his magnificent craftsmanship in elaborating this handmade church that measures 12″high – as you can see he pays close attention to the details. As you can see at the entrance to the church you are met by the priest at the center, a musician playing his drum and a parishioner praying.
No doubt his work is just one of a kind!


In the village of Ayacucho, high in the Peruvian Andes, Quinua artisans have crafted colorful ceramic pieces that are prized for their simple yet glorious portrayal of religious themes.
Each creation reflects the long tradition of Christian teachings by missionaries to their region. In spite of enduring many hardships throughout the last twenty years, the artisans creative imagination still flourish, working clay into these expressive figures and painting them in muted colors derived from natural dyes.