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Our Products

Ole Peru is an entrepreneurial business founded in 1992 with the idea and concept of helping Peruvian artisans develop and create products that resemble the teachings of their ancestors and their daily life activities. We believe that together we can improve the lives of the producers with more income, more dignity and more self-confidence.

More than Just Items


Our imports include a variety of items from the different regions of Peru.

Ceramics from Quinua, Pisac, Chulucanas. Gourds from Cochas, wool tapestries from San Pedro de Cajas, Arpilleras (cloth with appliques) from a group of women that live in the slums of Lima.

Christmas ornaments, nativity scenes, wood retablos and much, much more!

Come be inspired


Feast your eyes on some of the most inspiring art collections.  Peruvian women from the "pueblos jovenes" (shanty towns) struggle daily for survival. In an economy that offers few jobs and assistance, women must work hard to provide for their children. Their hand sewn textiles follow the traditions of the Incas and reflect scenes of daily life in the villages.